"What I love about acting is how movies move you. How a play can show you something; make you realize things you hadn't thought about. Performance inspires beyond the imagination. When the day came when I realized it possible to be part of this process, to change lives through creativity and imagination, I realized I found my calling; my craft" ♥ -KAT 


 Performing has always been a passion for Kat. Be it playing dress-up, singing in school plays, or dancing in circles at recitals, her heart was always in her imagination as a child in the small town of Golden, British Columbia. This imaginative and uplifting spirit remains with her to this day. 

Making her way closer to the lower mainland, she continued to perform in school plays, dance productions, and piano recitals. Other pastimes included reading fantasy novels, and writing stories, scripts, and poetry; she quickly
fell in love with the likes of Shakespeare and Wordsworth. Also interested in human psychology, life inspired important public speaking with roles in the Student Council, and writing for school newspapers on political issues and art. Her love of high school Drama classes inspired and motivated her to use her wild imagination to affect and inspire the world through the presentation of life in action, leading to the beginning of a lifelong, passionate adventure into the performing arts.

 'Storytelling rests in the heart and soul, present when they are exposed.'

In 2011, she completed a Two-year Professional Acting Diploma at New Image College of Fine Arts, Vancouver. She learned from many inspiring people and instructors that continue to influence her. Today she has performed lead roles in theatre productions including "The Laramie Project", short films including "Reunion" (2013), as well as the feature comedy-horror film, "Alarming (BFM)" (2014). She continues to work on Theatre and Film productions, while attending Simon Fraser University to finish a Bachelor's Degree in English and Theatre.

Demo Reel
A little horror, a little romance. The basics. (2013)

Alarming (aka BFM) Trailer
Kayla plays the role of College Student Josie Kane in B.F.M. (2014)

Photo: FredFraser